• Image of Tier 3: GROOVY!
  • Image of Tier 3: GROOVY!


- Enjoy the feeling of your conscience clear as you've knowingly supported the future of campus community radio in Montréal!

- LIMITED EDITION TIE-DYE T-shirt of your choice!

Available colours: Navy, Lime, Red, Orange, Purple, and Black

Available sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large


CJLO FUNDrive 2017 // Help us hit our $10,000 goal and take our station to the next level!

CJLO is Concordia University's one and only radio station. 100% non-profit, and run almost entirely by volunteers, the station is located in the heart of the Loyola Campus in the NDG borough of Montréal. We’re approaching our 20th anniversary and we’re dreaming big.


For more information on our Funding Drive and our many killer events taking place between Sep 22nd - 30th, visit: http://cjlofundingdrive.com/

We'll be selling Raffle Tickets at every event - See our full list of AMAZING prizes: http://cjlofundingdrive.com/raffle/


Our Goals for CJLO FUNDrive 2017

We see a huge gap and unmet demand in the Canadian media landscape for alternative programming. Thus, it’s our goal to become leaders in this space. In order to do so we need to bolster the quality of our diverse programming through the capability to produce professional sounding content that is also available in engaging video and podcast formats.

With last year’s funding drive we were able to renovate and make big improvements to our office space. This year, we are looking to invest in resources that will better represent and promote our programmers through building a brand new website, introducing live in-studio videos sessions, and making equipment upgrades to our DJ booth.

In order to pursue and achieve this goal we need the support of the community that we strive to serve! CJLO already receives funding from the vast majority of Concordia students, however, it is still a very modest budget, which comes with all sorts of constraints. So, help us out!!