• Image of The Adopt-An-Alpaca Program

In 2014, beloved CJLO radio host/producer Saturn De Los Angeles of Shibuya Crossing traveled to Japan for a student exchange... he came back newly inspired for his Japanese music & culture show AND with a high profile mascot for CJLO: the ever elusive (yet highly extroverted) singing Alpaca! This Alpaca did not just spring up from the ground= it has family & friends-  AND they need homes! This is the jewel in the CJLO pledge incentive crown! Not only will you get every other perk in our book- but we will send to Japan for your very own mail-order (just kidding) Alpaca to keep you safe at night! This is serious CJLO Fam cred, just sayin'.

(includes CJLO superFAN + Oven-Fanatic + CJLO FUNdrive Passport + The Fatal Attraction on CJLO1690AM Package + The Primetime Show Takeover Package)